Duncan Mckenzie:


Seminar: Water Conservation in the Landscape Irrigation Industry.

With the current water shortages in the Western Cape, this seminar aims to  highlight water as a precious resource that needs to be protected and conserved. Water conservation needs to encompass all aspects of landscape irrigation, from efficient irrigation design- to utilizing efficient irrigation products that conserve water, professional installation and efficient irrigation maintenance and management to keep irrigation efficiency at a premium.
We will look at the irrigation industry going forward with these aspects in mind.


About Duncan Mckenzie:

Duncan McKenzie was brought up in irrigation. His parents started Controlled Irrigation when he was just 4 years old.
From the age of 10, Duncan worked at Controlled Irrigation every School Holiday, in the stores, on reception, doing accounts, in the contract servicing teams, in the design office. He was taught, under the guidance of his Father, all the aspects of Irrigation, and in particular, Landscape Irrigation.
Upon finishing school and National Army Service in 1987, he went to work full time for Controlled Irrigation, completing 2 years “on the tools”, as an Irrigation Contract Foremen, as a form of apprenticeship. He was then brought into the design and sales team.
In 1989 he and his brother took over the company and have grown it into a national irrigation supply and design company with branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Nelspruit and Bloemfontein.
Duncan has both the Residential and Commercial System Design Certificates issued by the Landscape Irrigation Association (LIA) and has served as Chairman for both the Johannesburg and Cape Town branches of the LIA. He is currently a Landscape Design Member of SABI (South African Irrigation Institute).